Turkish Society of Integrative Medicine

 Turkish Society of Integrative Medicine

Turkish Society of Integrative Medicine

Society of Integrative Medicine is formed to improve the knowledge of health care providers and patients about combination of modern medicine and established practices (complementary and alternative medicine - CAM).

Various workgroups are formed to make scientific/evidence based recommendations about specific areas of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine. Secondary purpose of the workgroups is to encourage companies and universities for educational programs and clinics.

The Society of Integrative Medicine of Turkey also aims to develop institutional relations with international organizations for Integrative Medicine


Preventive and Therapeutic Exercises Workgroup
   Cihan Oksuz, P.T.

Kinesiology Workgroup
   Assistant Professor Dr. Turgay Altınbilek

Neural Therapy Workgroup
   Aynur Basaran, M.D.

Manual Therapy / Osteopathy Workgroup
   Assistant Professor Dr. Turgay Altınbilek

Chiropractic Workgroup
   Mustafa Hulusi Agaoglu, D.C.

Homeopathy Workgroup
   Altunay Agaoglu, M.D.

Prolotherapy Workgroup
   Ilker Solmaz, M.D.

Acupuncture / Acupressure Workgroup
   Bulent Civitci, M.D.

Therapeutic Taping (Rigid and Kinesiological Taping) Workgroup  
   Sedat Yildiz, M.D.

Complex decongestive therapy (Lymphedema Rehabilitation) Workgroup 
   Prof.Dr. Pinar Borman 

Cupping Therapy Workgroup
   Sedat Yildiz, M.D.  

Reflexology Workgroup
   Gulsah Yasa Ozturk, M.D.

Mesotherapy Workgroup
   Prof.Dr. Taner Aydın

Nutritional Therapies Workgroup
   Hatice Yildiz, Dietitian

Electromagnetic / Magnetic Therapy Workgroup
   Assoc.Prof.Dr. Selcuk Comlekci

Balneotherapy Workgroup
   Hasan Unlu, Hydrotherapist

Energy-Based Therapies Workgroup
Biofeedback Workgroup
Phytotherapy Workgroup
Hypnosis Workgroup
Ayurveda Workgroup
Aromatherapy Workgroup
Apitherapy Workgroup
Hippotherapy Workgroup
Hirudotherapy Workgroup
Opotherapy Workgroup
Maggot Therapy Workgroup
Music Therapy (Music Therapy) Workgroup
Color Therapy Workgroup
Opal Therapy Workgroup
Ozone therapy Workgroup
Alexander Technique / Feldenkrais Workgroup
Naturopathic Medicine Workgroup
Anatolian Folk Medicine Workgroup
Working Group on Medical Religious Therapies
Tuina Workgroup

Turkish Journal of Integrative Medicine

İntegratif Tıp Dergisi Yayımlanmış Sayılar
Cilt: 3
2015 Sayı: 1 Sayfalar 1 - 26
2015 Sayı: 2 Sayfalar 1 - 120
Cilt: 2
2014 Sayı: 1 Sayfalar 1 - 42
2014 Sayı: 2 Sayfalar 1 - 59
Cilt: 1
2013 Sayı: 1 Sayfalar 1 - 48
2013 Sayı: 2 Sayfalar 1 - 76

May 2013 - Supplement: The National Symposium of Osteopathy (Posters and Abstracts)

August 2013 - Acupuncture Newsletter

November 2013 - Supplement: The National Symposium of Clinical Neural Therapy (Posters and Abstracts)

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Programs in 2015-2017 was carried out in cooperation with Company for İntegrative Health 

Programs in 2017-2018 will be carried out in cooperation with Company for İntegrative Health